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If the materials are added year after the year then both types like eagles as well as ospreys could accumulate hundreds or thousands of pounds that are worth of the materials that are worth of nests which increases in size reaching up to 7 feet across as well as many feet as deep. The nest which was known that weigh well likely to be over a ton then it collapsed finally. The platform nests could be located atop in sturdy tree, an old magpie nest, on a cliff edge other than that on man-made structure like power pole, an artificial platform ore a bridge. It is known that the green plants that are added every year are containing the natural repellents which help to remove parasites as well as insects.

The puffins as well as kingfishers are the two species which feed on the fish, cliff edges that overlook their favorite zones for hunting. The pre-made tunnels are used by the burrowing owls that are created by the rodents like Richardson’s ground squirrels. There are also some of the species which are bird nest hiding their nests at some place on the ground and also are sometimes protected through low-growing bush and sometimes by fantastic camouflage of substrate itself. These types of nests are built by many songbirds as well as shorebirds and ducks. Some birds even create bird nest on ground which are of the prey like owls of short earned, ferruginous hawks as well as snowy owls. Such raptors are evolved from areas where trees are not seen for many weeks. 燕窩

There are few people who have not seen remarkable globular nests of the cliff swallows? Hundreds and many more trips are taken from source of mud to the buildings, cliff wall, bridge which is the host to tubular nest of cliff swallow. The saliva is mixed with each mud ball that is little in size so that enough stick able power can help to hold it together. By gathering branches, grass like green herbs, twigs, in mass which is even untidy there are many raptors that build their own bird nest at the top of platform that is supportive by using man-made foundations as well as natural one. The sharp shine hawks as well as cooper hawks are much likely for building these. Any other types are much greater in stature as well as in size which are like that which are made with the help of eagles and osprey.